Is it just me or every two years or so it seems like there’s a new social platform coming out of Silicon Valley or New York? SOMETIMES it’s Vancouver or London (thought I’ll admit that I probably don’t get the London social media because I’m from Canada.)

I recently joined Tumblr more out of an experiment than anything else. I realized that it’s really a meld between WordPress and Twitter. A lot of people will say it’s a cross between Twitter and Facebook, but Tumblr is a blogging platform, as if it’s a throwback to how WordPress was five years ago.

Anyway, I digress. But joining Tumblr got me thinking that I haven’t been focusing no writing and publishing as much as I’d like. Australia proved a difficult place from where to write and post because I was either working a lot (on farms) or the internet connection wasn’t the greatest (I was using my smart phone as my modem). This year, 2014, I’m going to restart this blog in a manner of speaking and try to keep my posts short.

I’ll still continue to produce longer-form articles and essays, so don’t worry, you can still read yourself to sleep with this website… or blissfully waste away your work day, wherever you choose to read them, read them responsibly. 😛