Resources for the Working Traveller

There are plenty of other resources out there, both in print and online, that will help you in your research before you go and on the road as you’re making your way around the world. Further, with the advent of travel blogs, there is even more information out there than before. In just a few years there has been an explosion of research (re: travel blog writing) completed on budget travel and working around the world.

A final note, just because I list something below doesn’t mean I endorse it.

Travel Guides

The Practical Nomad – Written by a travel agent, this sizeable book assembles a plethora of information about working and travelling abroad. The only problem is that the author relies on his sources to tell him about what could happen instead of having done it himself.

What Color is Your Parachute? – Always good to do some career research before you go, or maybe after you return, just to see how you see yourself and what opportunities are there that you might not have thought of just yet.

Work Your Way Around the World – A thorough resource aimed at the general audience. Full of good resources and updated every few years. Also has a companion Teach ESL Around the World.

Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to Long Term Travel – Not so much a practical guide as it is a philosophical discussion on travelling. Working is done simply to keep the travels going.

Guide BooksLonely Planet, Let’s Go, Frommer’s, Bradt, and a whole lot more. Although these guides are often dated once they are published, they still provide a good offline resource that can also be used in self-defence.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on travelling and writing about it, I highly recommend you check out my post on travelogues.

If they’re not available at your local library, check Amazon. (Affiliate link!)


Travel blogs are a great way to research a destination before going. Many are first-hand accounts though some, in an effort to fund their own travels, accept sponsored posts which means they receive payment for writing up a local restaurant, hotel or whatever. Many have affiliate links too.

Expats Blog – probably the most comprehensive directory of travel blogs on the net. Organized by country.
The Working Traveller – An excellent resource for those who want to work and travel abroad.
Teaching Travelling – Hosts interviews and other useful tips for those who want to teach abroad.
The Professional Hobo – Contains a helpful series of interviews with travellers both long-term and short-term.
Art of Adventuring – Aimed at the backpacking crowd, a good resource for
Ytravel Blog – For families that want to know what it’s like to travel the world.
Nomadic Matt – Long-term traveller has written a lot about where he has gone and how he made it happen.
Twenty Something Travel – For female travellers.
Transitions Abroad – What started off as a book of resources is now only a website because it’s become just so immense. One of the best sites out there.
Road Junky – A rather cheeky yet matter-of-fact resource for the modern nomad.
Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Forum – A good place to research your hopeful destination from the discussion threads.
SEA Backpacker – specific to the southeast Asian region. Also available in print.
Gum Tree – International job listings, house rentals, used goods for sale, etc.
Dave’s ESL – For those wanting to teach ESL abroad. The forum has posts going back quite a few years already.
Doctors Without Borders – For the medical professionals who want to work abroad either for a stipend or volunteer.

Job Resources

Recruiters will be your friend in securing work since they make it easy to arrange a job before you’re even on the ground. By doing so you’ll have the peace of mind of having a pay cheque within a few weeks of arriving. That doesn’t mean you have to get a job right away, but it pays to know your choices as many of the recruiters will help you get your in-country paper work ready (Tax File Number or Social Insurance, etc.)

Australian Harvest Trail Website – Publishes as annual guide on the types of Australian harvest work available year-round.

The Job Shop – Job placement in Australia, mainly in West Australia.
Kelly Services – Office work and other placements around the world.
Talentcor – Ongoing work, manual and administrative in Canada.
Teach Away, Inc. – Places ESL teachers all over the world.
Footprints – Another ESL teacher-placement service.


If you decided to go abroad and find work you’re going to need the proper papers or else, technically, you’re working illegally. If that doesn’t bother you then you can skip this section, but beware that some countries require you to have an onward ticket before they let you into the country.

Visa HQ – A good first-stop to check whether or not you need a visa for your target country.
Government Websites – The British, USA, Canadian and Australian websites are pretty thorough in their advisories for travellers. However, most governments host their own site advising their citizens of the dangers abroad.
Wikipedia Working Holiday Visa – Due to the communal nature of this online resource there is a page dedicated to the working holiday visa that is regularly updated.

Transportation – online discount airfare and hotel. – same same as, but has more international websites. – North America’s primary bus operator – cheap bus fare for eastern North America – Canada’s rail network.

Accommodation – for hotels mostly in North America – the new way to find cheap, local accommodation – dorms, single beds, private rooms in hostels around the world. I use this all the time to at least find the places, though I often don’t book ahead simply because I have a hard time finding some of these places. – find cheap deals on hotels around the world, but you won’t know where the place is until you make the booking.