A Little Update – March 14, 2017

So it’s been about two months since I last posted, sadly I even missed posting in February which means there is now a hole in my publication record! The reason for the delay is because of a few changes That have happened in the last month. For those following along, yes, I did finish the Trans Mongolian / Trans Siberian Railway journey I set out to complete at the beginning of January. However, my trip was cut short due to the passing of my father. As result, I expedited my journey to Moscow and then flew back to Canada to attend the funeral. However, once in Canada, a small incident involving my passport prevented me from returning to China as planned. Further, due to another family event (this one happier, my younger brother married his long time girlfriend) AND because of all the confusion surrounding my passport, I am now in Vancouver trying to figure out my next move.

The events of the last two months, though sad in some respect, really aren’t anything to get upset about too much, mainly because these things happen and, moreover, I’ve lost jobs before so this is nothing new to go through. I’ll be writing up a few posts not just to get things off my chest (and out of my head) but also so that others may learn from what I’ve gone through.

More crazily, this coming April actually marks the SEVENTH year that I’ve been posting here. Most, if not all, of the posts are about my travels around the world, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon, both travelling and writing. Seven years… that’s a long time. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner to document my very early travels in Europe and South Korea! As I’ve always thought, many of my travels and stories are very much based on the idea of ‘Remember that time when…?’ And this time is no different.

If you aren’t already, I highly suggest you follow me on Instagram as I post just about all of my travel photos there and quite a few short videos too, just so you can get the idea of the atmosphere of my travels. If the above link doesn’t work, head over to my Home page and have a look there.

Anyway, thank you to all those who’ve sent their well wishes and condolences as they are truly appreciated.