My family in the Ukrainian news

So you might recall that last year I spent some time on my Uncle’s farm again helping out around there. I neglected to write about it because my life was kinda flying by in an uncontrollable spiral at the time and didn’t really want to bother thinking about it too much, nor make it “happy friendly” which is required of many of the working abroad or travelling stories and blog posts out there.

But it wasn’t bad least of all because I actually did two stints on my Uncle’s farm: one for the seeding program and another for harvest. Well, harvest proved to be interested because all of a sudden, a Ukrainian film crew showed up with a couple of cameras asking questions about the life of a first generation Ukrainian-Canadian farmer (that would be my Uncle). You can see my Uncle towards the end of the first part and then the whole second video basically covers my family both in Canada and in Ukraine. You even get to see and hear me in the second part.

If you’re looking to read more about my stay in Ukraine (during which I left out the part of meeting my extended family for the first time), you can check out my posts here.

The YouTube links are below:

Part 1:

Part 2: