Back in the Peg and Looking Around

So farm work is done for now and it looks as though I may have another job overseas line up again starting in September. For the time being, however, I am in Canada for the summer. Should the job not work out, however, I think I may just fly down to the Caribbean and stay there for a while! haha!

Although it’s almost July already, this year has gone quickly especially for me. Having left Beijing in mid-January, I’ve literally been on the move for the last seven months and living out of a backpack. Even worse, all my big stuff is still in China! I hope to get that sorted out soon. The one small plus of this movement is that I look to be on track to do a complete “round the world” trip going Westwards, so it’s a small plus to an otherwise rather tiring journey.

Anyway, back in Winnipeg once again and having a look around. There are moderate changes, but nothing really big that I could see.

The rapid transit route is still not finished (I’m told there’s a second phase that needs to be implemented), but there are new bike paths all over the place, made notable by the amount of construction work they’re causing. I read an article that stated that Winnipeg was spending too much and taking too long to complete their bike paths while cities like Calgary and Edmonton did it in one summer and for a fraction of the cost. And it’s not like Winnipeg’s bike paths will be used for six months of the year. The bike paths are a good idea, but you need to wonder why it takes so long to get these things done. I know Winnipeg has a very conservative (or, to use a less political word, “cautious”) attitude towards progress, but sometimes the discussion just never seems to end.

I had a chance to go to the Red River Ex for the first time since my early twenties. I can’t say I really wanted to be flung around and nearly thrown out of my seat so I contented myself with going on the kid rides with my nieces, which was more than fine with me. I think we rode the Caterpillar roller coaster at least seven times, each time my youngest niece got off the ride she would scream “Again!” and then we’d go line up again. Despite the rain and wind, it was an enjoyable day.

Winnipeg’s Jazz fest also took place last week. I only managed to get out on Saturday after the rain stopped. Glancing through the line up for this year’s festival I didn’t see many names I could recognize. I’ll admit that I’m not as immersed in the music scene as I once was but nothing really stood out for me. I remember seeing some big names back ten years ago so maybe the scene and musical tastes have changed quite a bit.

Speaking of music, I have been dabbling yet again and should be posting something soon.

Next up would be the Fringe Festival, an event I used to participate in by way of helping local troupes get their act together (literally). I’ve never been a big “Fringer” but hopefully the weather will be nice enough to spend the day walking around the Exchange District.

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Winnipeg is seeing some good weather, though infestations of caterpillars make going out for a walk a rather sticky adventure. Hey, has anyone thought of using Winnipeg caterpillar webs for clothing material? The mosquitoes don’t seem too bad this year either, maybe that’s the biggest change I can see and feel in the city.

That’s all for now. Guess I should get some other updates done, too.

See ya!