Another late post but alive and well in Beijing

Just posting to keep things going. I’ve moved back to Beijing and took up a job with another company. Don’t feel too bad about leaving the last place as I’ve just heard that the lady in charge has (again) replaced her assistant. Sounds like it wasn’t a bad thing to leave that place after all.

Anyway, lots of travel and moving around with this new job which, sadly, I’m not really supposed to talk about, so you’ll have to be content with the idea that I’m simply in China doing some language assessment. The perks are nice but I’ve yet to find an apartment (being a little picky) so I’m still in living limbo. I’m sure I’ll find something soon.

Although I’m aware of the changes that have happened in Beijing since my departure last January, I have to be honest and say that I haven’t really experienced much of a difference, mainly because I’m living on the other side of town now and most of those big changes happened in the central hutongs (neighbourhoods). We’ll see what other changes this city has in store. There are a few more APPs that I use now (Didi is now in English, Sherpa’s food delivery, a few airline APPs and Ziroom for apartment hunting) and I’m trying to build up the motivation to keep learning Mandarin Chinese. I will need to learn a few more phrases specific to air travel as that’s what I’ll do quite often.

Anyway, it’s good to be back and working again despite not being entirely settled. My uncle visited while on a business trip from Canada so that was a nice segue into this new life I’ve got going on here.

And I’m looking at the calendar of how many posts I’ve made over the years and it looks like this site has been going for seven years already. SEVEN! On my way to eight. I wish I could post more but I think this blog is going to change a little bit over the next while to fit my new travel-but-not-too-much lifestyle.

I guess I owe a few posts about what all went down this year and how I came to be in my current position. Not only that, I finally got my old laptop back so I now have access to some posts I was working on before I left. Imagine your life without your computer and only a cell phone, that’s kinda what happened to me this year. Anyway, I’ll try to get those going by the end of the year so you’ll have some holiday reading and entertainment.

Got a GoPro, too, so I hope to post some vids and photos from the different places I’ll visit.

I hope all is well!